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Scholar / Administrator 

Dr. Stetson currently serves as Associate Director for Undergraduate Studies at the Texas Tech University School of Music. The following is a summary of duties associated with this role:

  • Serves as a member of the School of Music Administrative Team and the Executive Committee. Attends meetings of the administrative team, and meetings as a member of the Executive Committee
  • Chair of the Undergraduate Studies Committee (See charge under Committees) and convenor of Undergraduate advisory committee
  • Coordinates the input of Fall, Spring, and Summer Course Schedules working in conjunction with the Associate Director of Graduate Studies, SOM advisor, and TCVPA
  • Faculty liaison between the School of Music and the Associate Deans of the TVCPA regarding undergraduate program policy and curriculum, including participation in or presentation to the College Committee on Academic Programs
  • Oversight of School of Music undergraduate advising in collaboration with the Academic Program Advisor (staff), including response to students’ curricular questions
  • Oversees space and classroom assignments and utilization for the School of Music
  • Coordinates the scheduling of student, faculty, and studio performances in close collaboration with School of Music staff Calendar Coordinator
  • Supervises the management of the Hemmle Recital Hall and Hance Chapel stage crew in collaboration with Crew Chief (teaching assistant)
  • Manages the internal School of Music calendar system in close collaboration with School of Music staff Calendar Coordinator
  • Supervises the undergraduate admissions process and platform in Accept’d in close collaboration with college recruiter and School of Music Undergraduate Recruitment and Scholarship Coordinator
  • Manages the School of Music undergraduate audition days in collaboration with the School of Music Uundergraduate Recruitment and Scholarship Coordinator
  • Organizes the entry of undergraduate course title changes, course description changes and minor Curriculog adjustments in consultation with Area Chairs and as approved by the Director
  • Coordinates input of undergraduate degree program outcomes & assessments in Nuventive Improve
  • Responsible for reviewing and inputting existing Special Instruction Fees and updating and proposing new and Special Instruction Fees in consultation with the College and Director
  • Supervises revisions and updates of undergraduate and general School of Music catalogue material
  • Calculates and presents Faculty Workload, in collaboration with the Associate Director for Faculty Development, for approval by the Director and Dean and submits approved Faculty Workload information to Institutional Research
  • Oversees the School of Music Small Class portal, communicating with impacted faculty and submitting justifications to the Dean and Provost for retaining, recoding, or cancelling under-enrolled classes for Fall, Spring, and Summer terms
  • Coordinates approval for transfer requests for ndergraduate students in consultation with area chairs
  • Together with Associate Director for Faculty Development, coordinates approval and comment on new undergraduate course or program proposals prior to executive committee review
  • Together with the Undergraduate studies committee, updates the Undergraduate Handbook regularly as deemed appropriate by changes in University, College, or Unit processes and procedures
  • Guides students to available undergraduate resources
  • Play an active role in resolving grievances and student fairness issues in accordance with established student grievance procedures
  • Oversees modality, scheduling, and other course delivery changes for the School of Music Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 COVID-19 response
  • Development and update of Web Resources with the support of the School of Music Marketing Representative for internal and external communication of information relating to undergraduate studies and undergraduate student and program achievements


Professional Development Activities

Texas Tech President’s Leadership Institute

Comprised of five day-long classroom sessions throughout the academic year, the mission of the President’s leadership institute is o empower faculty and staff with a leadership foundation guided by principles of engagement, innovation, inclusiveness, and impact.


Texas Tech Institute for Inclusive Excellence

The Institute for Inclusive Excellence is a partnership between the Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and the Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development Center. The was initiated in 2009 and provides tenure-track faculty with an opportunity to promote a greater understanding of the academic value of diversity.  


The TeMPO Program (Teaching Mentoring through Peer Observation)

The purpose of the TeMPO Program is to facilitate interdisciplinary mentoring relationships among faculty to discuss teaching and create a culture that will help foster the participation of all departments in more consistent and high-quality peer observation and review. 

Additional Service Activities

University Interscholastic League
Prescribed Music List (Class 2/3 Trumpet Ensemble) Review Committee, chair 2019-2020

Texas Music Educators Association
2020 All-State Adjudicator
2016-2020 All-State Sectional Coach
2019 All-State Repertoire Selector
2016 Region 16 Audition Committee Member (Trumpet)
2014 Region 16 Audition Committee Member (Trumpet)
2014 Conference Clinic Presider
Active Member 2013-Present

International Trumpet Guild
Website Employment Editor 2017-Present
Commissions Committee 2019-Present
Committee for Social Media 2015-2019
Annual Conference Hotel and Expense Comp Committee 2015-2016
Active Member 2004-Present

World Trumpet Society
Board of Directors 2017-2019
Web Editor 2017-2019


“Committed to scholarship and service as an integral of my career, I continue to develop presentations for music education clinics and conventions and serve in related organizations such as the International Trumpet Guild. To me, this service is a way to actively participate in the ongoing dialogue of higher learning and keeps both my performances and teaching better informed and more meaningful.”

Andrew Stetson