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“Rise Above” ­– music for solo trumpet and orchestra, wind ensemble, piano, and electronics featuring the Texas Tech University Orchestra and Symphonic Band

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Performing throughout the United States as a trumpeter, I always strive to use music as an expressive tool in each of the various settings in which I work. Whether in a trumpet section with critically acclaimed orchestras, or on stage during a solo recital, my goal is always the same; to inspire and entertain audiences with intriguing and captivating performances.
As a teacher, nothing gives me greater joy than inspiring students to engage in lives rich with musical activity. As a trumpet professor at Texas Tech University my teaching focuses on developing a team atmosphere where engagement with musical concepts and attentive support extend outside of the private lesson.

Committed to scholarship and service as an integral part of my career I continue to develop presentations for music education clinics and conventions and serve in related organizations. In addition I am currently in the role of Director of the Texas Tech School of Music. To me, this service is a way to actively participate in the ongoing dialogue of higher learning and keeps both my performances and teaching better informed and more meaningful.