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Recent Performance Recordings / Video

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Solo CD Preview

In April of 2017, Dr. Stetson entered into an agreement with independent classical music label MSR Classics to record an album of “New American Works for Trumpet.” This includes studio recordings of two large ensemble performances above (James Stephenson’s Concerto No. 3, and Michael Mikulka’s Concerto for Trumpet and Wind Ensemble) as well as a work for trumpet and electronics and two works for trumpet and piano. Final recordings were completed in March 2018. With all works now recorded and in the editing and mastering phases, a final release will be made in early fall 2018.

Below are the rough studio edits of some items from this release:

James Stephenson: Concerto for Hope
with Texas Tech University Symphony Orchestra

All Movements 

Mark Hagerty: None of the Above
with Becca Zeisler, piano

  1. None of the Above
  2. B, C, & D
  3. Other (explain)
  4. All of the Above

Charles Ives: Four Songs
with Becca Zeisler, piano
Transcribed by Dr. Andrew J. Stetson (view transcription)

  1. Memories (A. Very Pleasant B. Rather Sad)
  2. The Things Our Fathers Loved
  3. A Sound of a Distant Horn
  4. In the Mornin’


MSR Classics Commitment Letter | MSR Classics Agreement

Live Solo Appearances with Large Ensemble

With Texas Tech University Symphonic Band—May 2, 2017 (live performance)
Dr. Eric M. Allen, conductor
Michael Mikulka: Concerto for Trumpet and Wind Ensemble

  1. Aggressive
  2. Languid, molto rubato
  3. Broadly, with motion


With Texas Tech University Symphony Orchestra—March 6, 2018 (live performance)
Dr. Philip Mann, conductor
James Stephenson: Concerto for Hope (concerto no. 3)

  1. Moderato* entrance)
  2. Adagio
  3. Speranza

(n.b. this link skips the orchestra exposition, which is approximately two minutes long. The entire opening can be seen here:


Solo with Texas Tech Symphonic Band—April 28, 2015 (archival recording session)
Dr. Eric M. Allen, conductor
Joseph Turrin: Chronicles

  1. Prologue
  2. Lamentation
  3. Epilogue


Live Performances In Recital

Faculty Recital—November 7, 2016
with Becca Zeisler, piano
Robert Suderburg: Chamber Music VII: Ceremonies for Trumpet and Piano

3. procession, closing call

Mark Hagerty: None of the Above  (world premiere commission and performance)

  1. None of the Above


Faculty Recital—January 28, 2015
with Becca Zeisler, piano
Rodion Shchedrin: In the Style of Albéniz